DASH and Refugee at Home collaboration in Kirklees

DASH is working in partnership with national charity Refugees At Home to try and secure more local hosts. Our clients who are not in receipt of Home Office accommodation or support (usually through no fault of their own) are officially destitute. They have No Recourse to Public Funds and are amongst the most vulnerable people we work with. 

Refugees At Home is a national charity that works as a matching agency, connecting guests with hosts (their most famous host being Gary Lineker). Their matching process is professional and rigorous, to ensure safe, positive experiences for guests and hosts alike. They are currently looking for new hosts in Kirklees.

Hosting is a temporary measure. It works hand in hand with ongoing asylum casework. Only by progressing their asylum claim, can a client/guest secure their route out of destitution. This is why the DASH – Refugees At Home partnership makes such good sense – a host provides temporary accommodation while we work to progress the asylum claim.

A poster and the Refugees At Home handbook that goes into full detail about how it all works. 

Please share this post with your friends, family and networks, and feel free to ask us or Refugees At Home any questions.


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