Post Decision Team

Why was the Post Decision Team created?

Kirklees has been an asylum dispersal area since 2000.

The team was created to work with those who receive a Positive Decision from the Home Office, to look at preventing homelessness, destitution and supporting integration.

At the point an asylum seeker receives a positive decision on their asylum claim they have 28 days to leave their home and find accommodation and start their life again. As much as this is a positive, as a decision to stay in the UK has been granted, this is also a daunting and uncertain time as new refugees have no income, no furniture, bank accounts and children may need to move schools to a new part of Kirklees its starting all over again.

What support does the team offer ?

Once a post decision case contacts our services they are assigned a designated Housing Solutions Officer (HSO), who will look at their integration needs and with the customer will complete a Personal Housing Action Plan with actions which they need to work towards. 

The HSO will work with the customer to prevent and relief their homelessness and they will also look at managing the customers’ expectations. 

The Team also work in partnership with other organisations to achieve positive outcomes for those accessing our service and to achieve the Councils priorities. 

At the first point of contact they will assess the customers housing needs, devise an action plan.  Depending on the needs of the customer, the HSO will look at signposting to relevant organisations, this can range from accessing ESOL, assisting with benefit claims, that they have the necessary documentations to claim benefits and access housing, etc. 

The HSO will work with the customer until they have secured accommodation or left our Local Authority.

You can contact the team on 01484 221000 asking for the Housing Solution Team.
Or call in to Kirklees Customer Service Centres in Dewsbury or Huddersfield.