Growing Works – December Activity Overview

The end of the year is quickly approaching, Growing Work still has lots planned for Nurturing Healthy Lives Outdoors.

Our adult volunteering sessions are continuing throughout winter every Tuesday and Thursday 10.30am– 12.30pm with our end of season celebration planned for Tuesday 13th December which is our final bud session of the year. Bud sessions will return on Tuesday 3rd January 2023. We have introduced Mindful Making sessions on the first Thursday of each month. We are making sweet vegetarian mincemeat on 1st December and will be making bird feeders on 5th January .

We have seasonal adult activities with Mindful Crafts on Sunday 4th December and Bushcraft on Sunday 11th December.

For families with SEND/SEMH Sprout at Crow Nest Park continues each Saturday. The final Sprout session for 2022 is on Saturday 17th December, we are hosting a Parent Wellbeing Session during the regular session time for parents to make their own needle felted decoration.

For teenagers we have Young Shoots, the latest course is fully booked so look out for our next course in the new year.

For copies of all our flyers see our website Session Times and Information – Growing Works.

Please help us to spread the word about our session and pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

Many thanks,

Jess on behalf of the Growing Works team,

Jess Crawford – Project Coordinator- 07883905899

My regular working hours are Tuesday – Friday 9 – 5pm 

download leaflet


Training – An overview of Refugee and Migrant Finance: Contextualizing debt, credit, financial exclusion and its impact.

This event has been organized by Voluntary Action Sheffield and Migration Yorkshire, and will be delivered by Josh Aspden. Josh is currently a Resettlement Policy Officer at East Midlands Council and ad-hoc Refugee and Migrant Financial Inclusion consultant.

An overview of Refugee and Migrant Finance: Contextualizing debt, credit, financial exclusion and its impact.

Wednesday 7th December 11:00 – 12:30 (Zoom)

Register via Eventbrite:

A free online training for staff and volunteers who are interested in learning about refugee and migrant finance.

The session will primarily focus on those with refugee status and asylum seeker status. It will give practitioners an insight into the formal/informal ongoing interactions that individuals have with the financial systems in settlement, home, transit, and 3rd Countries. Intersectional themes covered include:

  • indebtedness
  • debt
  • mental health and debt
  • informal lending networks
  • Financial Capability
  • Poverty trap/debt trap
  • “Friend in the Community”
  • marginalized groups.

The training will briefly cover the behavioural economics and psychology of those making financial decisions. It will also present several strategic recommendations to mitigate financial exclusion.

Holocaust Memorial Day – save the date

Dear colleagues, friends and supporters

We are pleased to send you this save the date notice for the Kirklees Holocaust Memorial Day event taking place on 26th January 2023 in Dewsbury. We are also organising a smaller event at Batley Library on 19th January called Extraordinary Stories and we will have a presence at the event on 24th at Holocaust Centre North. Please circulate widely. Further details to come after Christmas.

For those of you interested in participating and volunteering, we are holding a winter celebration at Creative Scene, 15 Union Street, Dewsbury, WF13 1BG on SUNDAY 11TH DECEMBER at 1pm with refugees and friends together. Refreshments available plus bring and share festive food. We will also share plans for activities and workshops leading up to Holocaust Memorial Day.  All welcome, but please let us know if you are attending. 

for more information, please contact

Latest EU Settlement Scheme Quarterly Statistics & Grant Funding Extended

The latest EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) quarterly statistics report is now available to view on GOV.UK.

The latest quarterly statistics take an in-depth look at the total number of EUSS applications and their outcomes up to 30 September 2022. Application details published in this report include: 

  • Nationality 
  • Age
  • Constituent part of the UK 
  • Local Authority 

The dashboard overview below shows some key data from the latest quarterly statistics publication. Please feel free to share this through your networks. This can be downloaded from our Brandworkz platform.

The latest monthly figures show that:

  • 6.9 million applications were received by 30 September 2022, of which 822,630 were received after 30 June 2021*[1].
  • 6.7 million applications were concluded by 30 September 2022, of which 1.2 million were concluded after 30 June 2021.
  • By 30 September 2022, a total of 6.0 million (90% of concluded applications) were granted EUSS status, of which 3.4 million (50%) were granted settled status and 2.7 million (40%) were granted pre-settled status.
  • Of the remaining applications concluded, 143,550 (2%) were withdrawn or void, 131,150 (2%) were invalid and 375,400 (6%) were refused.

EUSS grant funding to support vulnerable applicants extended

The Home Office has confirmed that it is providing an additional £1.5 million in grant funding to a network of 60 organisations across the UK to support vulnerable citizens applying to the EUSS, including to switch from pre-settled to settled status. This brings the total Home Office grant funding since 2019 to £29 million, with the latest grant of funding extending to Spring 2023.

This funding has already supported more than 460,000 vulnerable citizens in applying to the EUSS. The network of grant funded organisations and their delivery partners are part of the wider support available to applicants through charities, community groups and local authorities across the UK. The list of current grant funded organisations is available at

How to apply or switch from pre-settled to settled status – help and support

The deadline for most people to apply to the EUSS was 30 June 2021, but eligible applicants may still be able to apply if they have a later deadline to do so or they have ‘reasonable grounds’ for missing the deadline at We have published guidance on reasonable grounds for missing the deadline which is available at

Support is also available to vulnerable individuals with pre-settled status who are eligible to apply for settled status. This is usually after they have been continuously resident in the UK for five years. Further information on switching from pre-settled to settled status is available at

There is currently a wide range of support available to those applying to the EUSS. This includes help for people who may not have the appropriate skills or access to apply online, and support for children in care and young people who have left care. Further Home Office telephone and Assisted Digital support can be found at

Key points to remember about the EUSS

  • Child citizenship: Children born in the UK to at least one parent with settled status will be British automatically. Children born in the UK on or after 1 July 2021 to a parent with EUSS status may still be British automatically even if their parent did not have settled status at the time of the child’s birth. This may be the case where:
    • The parent had applied for settled status by 30 June 2021 but was granted this after the birth; or
    • The parent applied for settled status after 30 June 2021, had reasonable grounds for submitting a late application, and would have been granted settled status had they applied by 30 June 2021.
  • More information about this and other circumstances in which a child is a British citizen automatically can be found at
  • Any child who is not a British citizen and is born to parents with EUSS status in the UK will need their parents to obtain status for them under the EUSS, within three months of their birth, or later, where there are reasonable grounds for the delay in making the application. Applications should be made here:    
  • Applying on behalf of children: An application must be made for every eligible child within a family. Parents should check if they need to make a late application on behalf of their children, even if they have already applied to the EUSS and been granted a status themselves. More information can be found at
  • International travel and EUSS status: Non-EEA citizens who hold EUSS status and would ordinarily need a visa to travel to the UK should carry their valid biometric residence card (BRC) when travelling internationally and present it to the carrier, and at the UK border, to prevent delays. A list of nationalities requiring a visa to travel to the UK as a visitor, or for any other purpose for less than six months, is available at  
  • Joining family members: There is no cut-off date for eligible family members to join EU, EEA and Swiss citizens with EUSS status based on residence in the UK by 31 December 2020, provided they apply to the EUSS within three months of their arrival in the UK. Further information for joining family members is available at
  • Temporary rights: Eligible EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members who make a valid late EUSS application will have their rights in the UK temporarily protected until they receive the outcome of their EUSS application, including any administrative review or appeal. More information can be found at
  • Evidencing status in the UK: EUSS status holders will have created a UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) account when they applied to the EUSS. They need to use their UKVI account credentials to sign into the online ‘view and prove’ service available at where they can access their immigration status (eVisa) and use it to evidence their rights in the UK. Further information about how individuals evidence their immigration status in the UK is available at
  • Support available: Support is still available to those who are eligible and need help to make a late application to the scheme, or to switch from pre-settled to settled status. Please help us reach these people by sharing the link to services across your channels Details of further Home Office telephone and Assisted Digital support can be found at

We are very grateful for your continued support in raising awareness of the EUSS among key audiences.

[1] *The deadline for applications from those EEA citizens and their family members resident in the UK by 31 December 2020

Refugee casework and family reunion travel assistance for Ukranian refugees in Yorkshirt & Humber region

The British Red Cross (BRC) has a newly established Refugee Support Ukraine Project to
provide casework support to refugees from Ukraine who are saying in the Yorkshire and
Humber area to help them to access essential services and integrate in their local communities.
We also provide the refugees with family reunion travel assistance to help them bring their
family member(s) who hold relevant UK visa to join them in the UK.
We support the refugees by:

  • providing general information and casework support to help address their practical and
    integration needs.
  • providing family reunion travel assistance related casework including by buying flight
    ticket for the family member(s), assist with their departure from the countries
    neighbouring Ukraine through our partners such as the International Organisation for
    Migration (IOM), and providing the family with post-arrival casework and support their
    integration needs in the UK.
  • provide short-term emergency provisions to destitute refugees who are waiting for their
    financial payments from the DWP and whenever possible mobile SIM cards.
  • providing emotional support and one-to-one information session on the refugee journey
    to help them understand their rights and entitlements; and referrals for specialist
    support as needed.
  • Referring and signpost them to integration and orientation activities and volunteering
    We receive referrals from across the board of anyone from Ukraine who seeks advice and
    casework including from those not under visa scheme. Our project will complement the support
    provided locally by other charities, community organisations, and the statutory organisations.
    For referrals to and further information about our project please contact our main office in
    Leeds on 0113 2015267, or email us at

Social connections toolkit – a new resource grounded in experience from Yorkshire and Humber

Migration Yorkshire is delighted to share the toolkit Building the foundations for social connections in Yorkshire and Humber published this week by our research partners at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR).

This toolkit is designed to support people working with refugee, migrant and receiving communities in the Yorkshire and Humber region to build the foundations for meaningful social connections and promote social cohesion.

The toolkit focuses on the experiences of refugees and other new arrivals in Yorkshire and Humber, and how new migrant communities can be supported to make connections in their new homes. It encourages the reader to think about how they can contribute to creating villages, towns and cities that are welcoming and which invite everyone – no matter their immigration status – into the fold. It is designed to:

  • provide an evidence base and share the research findings
  • inspire action through the words of Yorkshire and the Humber residents 
  • showcase best practices through local and national case studies – including from Hull, Todmorden and Bradford
  • offer practical guidance and tools
  • be a repository of key resources.

You can also check out the coverage from Monday’s Yorkshire Post (p.6) and one of the authors in local authority magazine the MJ.

We hope you find the toolkit valuable reading and share it with people and networks in your area of work. You’re welcome to promote it on social media (see our tweet for example) if you’re happy to do so. If you would like to discuss the toolkit or the research findings, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to our partner organisations in the region who helped this project along the way with ideas, contacts and more, who have been part of realising this final output.

The toolkit was produced as part of Migration Yorkshire’s Refugee Integration Yorkshire and Humber (RIYH) project.

Click here to download the toolkit (PDF)

Click here to download the manifesto for action

Translated information about COVID-19 & flu vaccination for refugee & asylum seeker

Please see below links to the translated versions for the winter flu and the COVID-19 resources in all the usual languages. Please note that leaflets are available to some community pharmacies to order.

COVID-19 autumn booster resources

Paper copies of the English version of this leaflet are available free to order or download.

This leaflet has been translated into the languages below and are available to download. For paper copies of translations and alternative formats please order quantities required and these will be dispatched as soon as they are available.

AlbanianArabicBengaliBulgarianChinese (simplified)Chinese (traditional, Cantonese)EstonianFarsiFrenchGreekGujaratiHindiItalianLatvianLithuanianPanjabiPashtoPolishPortugueseRomanianRomanyRussianSomaliSpanishTagalogTigrinyaTurkishTwiUkrainianUrduYiddish and Yoruba.

An English large print version is available to order.

Braille version of this leaflet is available to order.

British Sign Language (BSL) videos on COVID-19 vaccination are available to view or download.

An audio version is available to download.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Paper copies of the previous version are available free to order or download in the following languages and formats:

EnglishEnglish large printAlbanianArabicBengaliBulgarianChinese (simplified)Chinese (traditional, Cantonese)EstonianFarsiFrenchGreekGujaratiHindiItalianLatvianLithuanianPanjabiPashtoPolishPortugueseRomanianRomanyRussianSomaliSpanishTagalogTigrinyaTurkishTwiUkrainianUrduYiddish and Yoruba.

An easy-read version of this leaflet is available for people with a learning disability and their carers.

British Sign Language videos are available to view and download.

Braille version of this leaflet is available to order.

An audio version is available to download.

quick links poster with QR codes to the COVID-19 vaccination: a guide on pregnancy and breastfeeding and the Pregnancy: how to help protect you and your baby leaflets is available to download.

Winter flu –

Paper copies of this leaflet are available free to order or download in the following languages:

EnglishAlbanianArabicBengaliBulgarianChinese (simplified)Chinese (traditional, Cantonese)EstonianFarsiFrenchGreekGujaratiHindiItalianLatvianLithuanianPanjabiPashtoPolishPortugueseRomanianRomanyRussianSomaliSpanishTagalogTigrinyaTurkishTwiUkrainianUrduYiddish and Yoruba.

An English large print version is available to order.

Braille version of this leaflet is available to order.

All of the above available to order from or call 0300 123 1002

Asylum advice and guidance

Migrant Help produced an asylum advice and guidance document translated to Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, Farsi, Kurdish Sorani, Pashto, Punjabi (Indian), Spanish, Tigrinya and Urdu (Pakistan). 

The Asylum Advice guide consists of the following sections.

Section 1: Migrant Help services

Section 2: Claiming asylum

Section 3: Main asylum interview

Section 4: Post decision – positive

Section 5: Post decision – negative

Section 6: Specialist support

Section 7: Useful contact

You can read the full Asylum Advice guide here.

You can find the translated Asylum Advice guide here

If you don’t find the information you need, you can call us on 0808 8010 503 for advice and guidance. We will provide an interpreter if you need one. You can also use webchat and online enquiry form on our Service User Portal (click on Contact us). You can al

Remembering Srebrenica event

You are invited to a Remembering Srebrenica event taking place in the Reception Room at Dewsbury Town Hall on Thursday 14th July. The event is being organised in partnership with Kirklees Council, the Kirklees Bosnian community, faith groups, young people and refugees. 

Please let us know if you will be attending as numbers will be limited.

Flee – the movie

This is a closed event only for Kirklees Council Staff and Partner agencies

Amin looks back over his past as a child refugee from Afghanistan as he grapples with a secret he’s kept hidden for 20 years.

A thrilling documentary made with a blend of animation and archive footage tells an immensely powerful tale of a gay Afghan survivor and his need to confront his past in order to truly have a future.

FLEE weaves together a stunning tapestry of images and memories to tell the deeply affecting and original story of a young man grappling with his traumatic past in order to find his true self and the meaning of home.

Date and time

Thu, 23 June 2022

17:15 – 19:00 BST

Huddersfield Library


to book please please click here or contact to share the link

Password: Flee22

Introduction to Migration training – March 2022

The Migration and Resettlement Team at Kirklees Council in collaboration with Migration Yorkshire are inviting you for Introduction to Migration training on Mon, 21 March 2022 13:30 – 16:00 GMT.


  • Officers, managers, frontline staff and partners responsible for both strategic and operational management and frontline service delivery
  • Officers, managers, frontline staff and partners representing diverse communities who may have no or little knowledge and want to increase their understanding on migration issues

By the end of the course participants will:

  • Understand different types of migrant groups and different routes of entry to the UK
  • Understand the patterns of migration in the local area and the region and the impact this has on service delivery
  • Understand some of the key current issues relating to migration
  • Understand some of the challenges that can affect migrants and communities with migrants and how Councils and other services may respond to some of these challenges.

If you have any questions please contact:

Training Zoom link will be send prior to the meeting

To book your free ticket please click on the link

Password: AM22

Refugee Week 20-26 June 2022 Healing

Dear partners

The Migration and Refugee Resettlement Team at Kirklees Council wants to thank you for all the work that have you been doing supporting refugees living in Kirklees.

Special thanks for those who ran and supported activities during Refugee Week 2021.

The following information can be seen on the official Refugee Week Website.

This year Refugee Week 2022 theme is Healing. Through creativity and conversations, Refugee Week 2022 will be a celebration of community, mutual care, and the human ability to start again.

Healing means recovering from a painful experience or situation, so that we can continue to live. No-one understands this better than those who have lost their homes and had to build new lives from scratch. We have much to learn from refugees about holding onto hope when going on seems impossible – as well as about how art, creativity and community can help us to heal.  Those going through the asylum system also know that healing is an ongoing process, made harder by poverty, housing difficulties and the threat of being detained or deported. Asking for change, so that refugees can truly feel safe, is an act of care.

Whether it’s about looking after ourselves and each other at difficult times, overcoming political divisions or coming together to fight for the survival of our shared planet, healing matters to all of us. Whoever and wherever you are, we hope you’ll join us for Refugee Week 2022 to imagine a world where healing replaces harm, and care becomes our shared currency.

Refugee Week 2022 is 20–26 June, and we are inviting you to think about any activities that can be linked to the theme Healing for the asylum and refugee community.

If you have any activities idea please contact:

the above picture was taken from the Refugee Week Website during last year’s event. Please have a look at the full article .

Holocaust Memorial Day event 2022

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters

Please see the attached publicity for the Holocaust Memorial Day 2022 event taking place on  Wednesday 26th January 2022 at St Paul’s Hall, Huddersfield. The event will begin with a Procession of the Weeping Sisters through town beginning at 6.15pm and leading to St pauls’ for the commemoration event starting at 7pm which we are preparing in partnership with Kirklees Council, the Holocaust Exhibition & Learning Centre, the University of Huddersfield and Creative Scene.  Survivor Liesel Carter will be talking to children from Flockton First School and CarltonJ&I School. he children will also be singing a song they have written with musician Andy Burton called One Day.

Following the commemoration event, there will be a special performance of Portrait of a Composer, the story of composer and musician Gideon Klein who died in Thieresenstadt and featuring the Gideon Klein Trio.

Please note that further government restrictions relating to Covid may lead us to change or adapt these plans. We will keep everyone informed via email and social media. 

We are also preparing an online film/event involving all 5 local authorities in West Yorkshire to be launched on youtube on Wednesday 27th January. Details of this will be available very soon.  

With very best wishes


for more information

to download please click here and here

Important information for referral agencies

As of Monday 1st November, The Welcome Centre will be reopening to the public for the first time since March 2020. 

Since the pandemic began, The Welcome Centre has been closed to the public and we have been operating a home delivery service for our foodbank clients. Clients and referral agencies have been unable to visit our centre due to restrictions and for the safety of all those involved, however, as of 1st November that will change. 

From 1st November, clients and/or referring agencies will need to collect their food packs from The Welcome Centre.

  • Referrers can collect packs on behalf of clients from our Lord Street centre between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. Packs will be ready 1 hour after the referral has been made
  • Clients can collect their own packs from our Lord Street centre between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. Packs will be ready 1 hour after the referral has been made

In exceptional circumstances, some clients may be offered a delivery service.

When making a referral for a food pack please consider your clients’ needs and only request a delivery if your client meets one or more of the requirements below

  • Does your client or their child have either physical or mental health issues that prevents them collecting their packs?
  • Have you requested a large pack for your client with multiple items or for a large family?
  • We are not assuming that all clients with mental/physical health issues or requesting large packs are unable to collect their packs. They may be able or have transport available to collect their packs and should do where possible. Please check with your client whether they would prefer collection or delivery.
  • Alternatively if you as their referrer can collect on their behalf it should be arranged.
  • If your client does not meet one of these requirements but you feel they need a delivery then please call the AGS team on 01484 515086 ext 5 to discuss further

If you do not request a delivery it will be assumed that your client can collect.

Lone working or high risk clients

All packs for clients viewed as aggressive/high risk or pose a lone working risk will need to be collected by their referral agency.

We need your help So that those clients who are most in need receive our deliveries, it is vital that you support us with this process. We no longer have capacity to deliver 100% of our packs to clients and want to ensure that clients who meet the above requirements are prioritised based on their need.

Thank you

Sarah Mclellan

The Welcome Centre Virtual Assistant Support

07743 447966

#KirkleesWelcomes International New Arrivals Team Bi Lingual Support Worker Vacancy

We are looking for 3 x applicants who can speak English and Arabic or English and Pashto/Dari

You will work as part of a team to support children, young people and their families who are International New Arrivals [INA) which include asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants, and children missing in education who have arrived in-to Kirklees and require educational provision.

You will work in partnership with other services e.g., Schools, Early support, C & K Careers, housing, health, and the voluntary sector to develop and extend effective home school liaison and positively impact on family integration, well-being, school attendance and pupil attainment.

You will need:

  • NVQ 3 or equivalent in a relevant subject e.g., health, social care or education
  • Proficient in IT.
  • Ability to work flexibly to meet the needs of the service
  • Driving licence or able to travel independently across Kirklees
  • Experience of working positively with children and families
  • Experience of working in partnership with other agencies e.g. Early Support, Social Care, schools, health, housing
  • Knowledge and understanding of the process of language acquisition

In order to be shortlisted for this job please provide examples of how you meet the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications as detailed on the attached Job Profile.  CVs will  not be accepted.Closing date

11 November 2021, 11:55 PM

For more information and job description please visit Kirklees Council jobs page

Solace- Therapist Vacancies

Solace is recruiting therapists for two of our projects.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic regional therapeutic organisation supporting refugees and asylum seekers.  You would be joining an experienced team of 26 therapists working across the region to support people who have experienced war, persecution and exile.  Solace has worked in this area for 15 years and has developed considerable expertise in providing therapeutic support to people who arrive in the UK from all over the world.

There are two roles available, one based in Sheffield delivering part of the therapeutic element of the SPRING project, ( and the second delivering the Child and Family Wellbeing Project to refugees who arrive as part of the UK resettlement scheme.  (primarily Syria and Afghanistan)

Please see the job description – delivering the SPRING in Sheffield, click here.

Please see the job description – delivering the Children and families Wellbeing Project, click here.

If you would like an informal conversation about the roles please contact:

Please click here for an application form.  The closing date is midday on the 17th of November.  Please send your completed applications to

Yorkshire Integration Festival 2021 – Registration is now open!

We are pleased to announce that registration for the Yorkshire Integration Festival 2021 is now open!

Join us on Friday 19th November 2021, for a fantastic virtual event. You will hear from a range of local and national speakers and stakeholders, and find out about the excellent integration work that communities up and down Yorkshire and Humber are doing.  With the theme of ‘Rebuilding together in a changing world’, the Festival will showcase and celebrate our region’s success in integrating refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants.

We are excited to see you all there and to come together to enjoy an engaging day filled with inspiring content.

Please use this link to register your place:

Feel free to share this invitation amongst your networks.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event.