Multiple Government Guidance documents in various languages

1. COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemic

This guidance is designed to enable the safe reopening of places of worship for a broader range of activities. the document is translated to Arabic, Bengali, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Guajarati, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Somali, Urdu.

2. COVID-19: guidance on shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable

Information for shielding and protecting people defined on medical grounds as extremely vulnerable from COVID-19. This document is translated to Arabic, Bengali, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Guajarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu.

3. COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection

Stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. you will find 2 different documents in this link.

A. Guidance for household with possible or confirmed corona virus. This document is translated to Arabic, Bengali, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Guajarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu.

B. Guidance for household with grandparents, parents and children living together where someone is at increased risk or has a possible or confirmed corona virus. Arabic, Bengali, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, French, Guajarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Urdu.

4. COVID-19 Resources and Guidance

This page contains information on COVID-19 of relevance for asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in the West Midlands, as well as those working with and supporting them. It is not an exhaustive and up-to-the-minute source of information on COVID-19 and we urge people to check official and websites for the latest information. Some information is repeated as it relates to more than one section of the page. If you have questions or comments on this webpage or on COVID-19 insofar as it relates to migration, please contact

We haven’t beaten the virus… yet

COVID-19 is still in our community. The only way to eliminate it is to stop it from spreading. All of us have the power to beat the virus. Here’s how you can play your part…

Click here for English               
Click here for Arabic              اضغط هنا للغة العربية 
Click here for Albanian          klikoni këtu për shqip  
Click here for Guajarati  ગુઆજરાતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો 
Click here for Farsi                 برای فارسی اینجا را کلیک کنید  
Click here for Hungarian     Kattintson ide a Magyar  
Click here for Kurdish           لێرە كليك بكە بۆ كور د ى 
Click here for Mandarin       点击这里查看普通话 
Click here for Polish              Kliknij tu, aby wybrać j. polski   
Click here for Romanian     apăsați aici pentru limba română  
Click here for Spanish          Pulse aquí para Español’  
Click here for Urdu               اردو کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں  

Click here for Punjabi

Coronavirus: Information in other languages

Kirklees Council has produced the following page COVID19 information in various languages,

Please click on the link below,

You will find information in Albanian, Arabic, Farsi, Guajarati, Hungarian, Kurdish, Mandarin, Polish, Romanian, Spanish and Urdu. The information is: letters to citizens, Community Response information, Community Response leaflets and letters.

Also, you will find Health advice in 60 languages, as well as, mental health information in Guajarati, Polish, Romanian and Urdu.

Finally, you will find the link to our Kirklees Welcomes translated information section and other useful information as well.

Please share this widely.

Useful electronic resources for translated COVID19 information

1. A group of doctors, medical students and volunteers have created infographics to help summarise key points about COVID-19 in a variety of languages to get the right information, in an easy to understand format, to these communities.

Click here to visit the website

You need to choose first the language (the information is available in 40 languages). Then click on the section you need to read about: CO19 advice, school advice, non co19 patient advice and shop advice. In each section you will find info graphs about different related topic.

2. Doctors of the World, in partnership with the Mayor of London, has produced motion graphic videos with key COVID-19 information for migrants living in the UK.

These are available in 11 priority languages: Bengali, Bulgarian, English, Kurdish Sorani, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Click here to visit the website

3. Migration Yorkshire have an electronic resources named Migration Hub for the latest updates regarding COVID19 in different languages

Click here to visit the website

4. Maternity leaflets: Parent information for new borns – translated versions

Click here to visit the website

#KirkleesWelcomes – Its up to you

What is ‘It’s up to You’?
‘It’s up to You’ is the Kirklees Council’s Cohesion teams funding programme and one of the key ways in which  communities think how they can work together to improve the lives of everyone in their communities and get to know others in the local community.

What’s it all about?
The process is simple, local people submit ideas for small scale projects that will help bring people together in their areas, both people who are already living there and new migrants to the area. Individuals can apply for up to £100 and groups (who don’t have to be formal groups) can apply for up to £500.

These ideas are then put on display at a public event where everyone from the local area can read them and decide which ones they like best. Every voter has three votes to distribute as they see fit amongst the candidates. At the end of the event the votes are counted up and the projects with the most votes all get a share of the pot allocated to that are

What is funded?
The ideas are tremendously varied and reflect the different needs of the diverse areas of Kirklees. Past applications have included language classes for non-native speakers, fitness classes for older people, projection equipment for a community cinema, International Women’s Day projects, crèche facilities for working parents, funding for a Wellbeing Café and many more.

One World Group
Please take the time to watch the short film, One World Group is a fantastic International arts group in Huddersfield. A very talented group from all over the world who now live in and around Huddersfield. They came together because of their love of art and creativity but also bringing with that many different cultures and of course their amazing skills. The group before COVID19 met every Friday at S2R which is the perfect space for such a creative group

Being awarded £500 from Its Up To You has allowed the group to move from meeting in Jean York’s front room to rent a space in the Town Centre to develop their ideas and creativity

There are many people in this short film but a huge thank you to Jean York who established and developed the One World Craft group, Jean is joined in the film by Cllr Pattison Kirklees Council Cabinet Member for Learning, Aspiration and Communities , Mashuda Shaikh Kirklees Faith and Integration Manager and also Yinka who you will see in one of the #CarryMyStory good news stories this week.

Brilliant work, a huge thank you to all involved.  

Welcome Mentor

The Welcome Mentors “WM” is a service commissioned by Kirklees Councils Communities Service, Third Sector Leaders “TSL” in Kirklees manage the programme working closely with the Councils Migration and Refugee Resettlement Team.

The WM is a befriending service and the team is playing such a vital role especially now during CO19 to reduce isolation and loneliness.

When an individual or a family have been referred, the WM team match them with the right mentor to provide a suitable support.

Currently, there are 70 active welcome mentor across Kirklees. They look after refugees, asylum seekers and migrants individuals and families on daily basis.

In the below video an explanation about the role of WM, what do they on daily basis and what is the criteria of a good welcome mentor. You don’t need to invest a lot of time to join the team and become a mentor. This is an open invitation for everyone to join the Welcome Mentor Team.

Libraries of Sanctuary

City of Sanctuary UK invites organisations across the voluntary, public and private sectors to contribute to a culture of welcome by following three straightforward processes: Learn about what it means to be seeking sanctuary, take positive action to embed the concepts of welcome, safety and inclusion within the context of the organisation and the wider community and share their vision and achievements. Public libraries are a key part of this and we want all Kirklees Libraries to be safe, neutral, welcoming spaces that are accessible to all.

Welcoming people seeking sanctuary from conflict, persecution, environmental issues and other new arrivals, our Libraries of Sanctuary work provides us with a focus to improve and develop our service provision and foster a culture of inclusion and support integration in our communities. We already provide free access to books, e-books and e-audio, including community and dual language titles, along with free access to I.T and various online resources such as Press Reader which hosts a number of international publications.

We offer ESOL provision in our libraries through the delivery of informal library run conversation groups and enable other groups such as ‘Meet, Try and Learn’ to convene and This Way for English (#TW4E) in our space. The Kirklees Welcomes initiatives have already had a positive impact by decreasing loneliness and enabling people to meet and make new friends and learn new skills. We have also worked closely with other partner organisations such as DASH in Huddersfield to provide a dual language storytime including the opportunity to join the library service for the attending families. An important part of this work involved the fact that ID is no longer required to join Kirklees Libraries, therefore removing a very difficult barrier to service access for many people.

We support Refugee Week every year through the delivery of awareness raising events and activities and do this in partnership with others wherever possible. This year we are, of course, somewhat restricted in our participation but are still able to promote our extensive collection of e-books and e-audio on the theme of exile. One of our library members of staff has also recorded a lovely Kurdish poetry reading which we are sharing widely online.  As part of our ongoing Libraries of Sanctuary work we also aim to train all our staff and volunteers to understand issues faced by sanctuary seekers and be able provide them with signposting and support.

Our e-book collection can be found at The Kurdish Poetry Reading can be found at

Watch the video to learn more about Libraries of Sanctuary

Carry My Story

Carry My Story is a Cohesion and Integration based programme in partnership with Kim Strickson, The Linking Network and the Kirklees Council Cohesion Team. The programme works in both primary and secondary schools and also neighbourhoods, with the aim of encouraging story exchanges with refugees, asylum seekers, school children and also the parents of children.

Carry My Story created an opportunity for children from a young age to get first hand experience from asylum seekers and refugees as they shared their stories about their lives, experiences and how they came to the UK . The aim of this is strengthening communication, having open and honest and heart-felt discussions,  challenging preconceptions and creating an save environment where everyone involved showed empathy for others.

Carry My Story encourages children and young people to challenge stereotypes, understand  and embrace difference and celebrate identity, by carrying one another’s stories. It allows safe spaces for people to share stories in a creative and reflective way. This took place in a classroom setting and celebrated in June 2019 with a celebration event where children used their creative abilities to share the refugee story in a light hearted way. They shared their understanding by creating vibrant responses creating plays, story books, poems, theatre productions to celebrate and show their commitment to breaking down barriers and celebrating each and every journey in a positive way. We collected quotes,  photographs and creative responses from the stories shared.

Please take the time to watch the video, it really gets across how powerful this work has been for the schools but also the impact it has had on asylum seekers and refugees sharing their personal experiences.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved last year and to those involved for planning the 2020 programme.

We hope you enjoy and learn from the video below

If the video isn’t working click on the link

ESOL sessions via Zoom

This Way for English is launching a new English sessions classes via Zoom.

The themes will be varied from class to class depending on the English level of participants. However, the main focus of the sessions will be around celebrating the positive impact of refugees in the UK.

In addition, the Libraries Team will visit the virtual sessions to encourage the participants to register with the libraries and explain the available resource they have such as e-books and press reader.

Furthermore, the Welcome Mentor programme will shortly join some of the classes to explain the concept behind the matching process.

For more information about registering and class timetable please see the below leaflet.

The War Childhood Museum

We Have Teamed Up With The War Childhood Museum For Refugee Week 2020

For Refugee Week 2020 we have teamed up with the Childhood War Museum (WCM) to bring a virtual exhibition to our residents of Kirklees. The exhibition features personal objects and stories of children from Syria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Afghanistan.

The exhibition aims to advance a better understanding of the difficulty and complexity of the situation of displaced children, both in their home and host countries that would ultimately improve their position.

The WCM continues to highlight the human stories behind statistical data and headlines we see and read about every day. Click here to read some of their stories.

EU Citizens and Brexit: An Introduction to the EU Settlement Scheme

Online workshop via WebEx

Thu, 2 July 2020

1:30pm – 3:30pm

This online workshop is aimed at LAs, charities, third sector organisations and faith and community groups who are already working with EU nationals and their families, or who are likely to come into contact with this group in the future. The purpose of the online workshop is to give frontline staff and volunteers a clear understanding of the process for EU citizens and their family members to apply to legalise their stay in the UK in preparation for Brexit. The workshop will include presentations and delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Following the workshop, delegates will have a greater understanding of:

  • What the EU Settlement Scheme is and what steps EU nationals must take to secure their status after Brexit.
  • The rights that this new immigration status will give to EU citizens and their family members.
  • What constitutes immigration advice and what support needs to be regulated.
  • Where to signpost EU nationals to enable them to obtain other sources of support and further information.

This workshop is organised by Migration Yorkshire and Seraphus. To secure a place, please register at

Additional training option for complex cases

For those involved in supporting more complex cases, there is further free training, covering a range of subjects listed below; to register visit I’m planning to attend all of the above so will share presentation/resources as I get them.

  • An Overview of Complex Cases
  • Working with the Elderly
  • Applicants with Criminal Records
  • Working with Homeless Citizens
  • Working with Children

Support EU Citizens in Kirklees

Applications for the EU Settlement Scheme must be submitted by 30th June 2021.

There is a lot of information including important videos can be found on Kirklees Council Website EU Settlement Scheme page

Also, you need to know that EU citizens could get free and friendly support from Kirklees Law Centre regarding this.

For other issues and to support and celebrate migration in Kirklees visit Kirklees Welcomes.

How to receive your e-Voucher for Free School Meals

Preferable to use Google Chrome to listen to audio

These posts include important information about how parents could receive the e-voucher for free school meals if their children are entitled to this. You will find the information in a PDF document, as well as, video or audio file. Information is translated into Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Hungarian, Polish, Amharic, Mandarin, Albanian, Romanian, Spanish and Urdu.

For English script click here

For Arabic script click here.

For Arabic video click here.

For Kurdish script click here.

For Kurdish audio click below.

For Farsi script click here.

For Farsi audio click below.

For Hungarian script click here.

For Hungarian audio click below.

For Amharic script click here.

For Amharic audio click below.

For Romanian script click here.

For Romanian video click here.

For Polish script click here.

For Polish audio click below.

For Spanish script click here.

For Spanish video click here.

For Mandarin script click here.

For Mandarin audio click below.

For Urdu script click here.

For Urdu video click here.

For Albanian script click here.

For Albanian video click here.

Coronavirus Information videos in Different Languages – Leeds Council

Leeds Council has released videos on 3 main topics in Polish, Romanian, Urdu, Arabic, Czech, Punjabi, Tigrinya, Farsi, Slovak, Kurdish Sorani and Bengali. 1ae

1. Spot the signs – This short film contains information to help people spot the signs of coronavirus and gives advice for households with possible coronavirus infection.

2. Hand washing advice This short film contains information about how you can help stop the spread of viruses, like coronavirus, by practising good respiratory and hand hygiene.

3. Essential advice – This short film contains information for households with possible coronavirus infection.

Click here to watch the videos