Important information for referral agencies

As of Monday 1st November, The Welcome Centre will be reopening to the public for the first time since March 2020. 

Since the pandemic began, The Welcome Centre has been closed to the public and we have been operating a home delivery service for our foodbank clients. Clients and referral agencies have been unable to visit our centre due to restrictions and for the safety of all those involved, however, as of 1st November that will change. 

From 1st November, clients and/or referring agencies will need to collect their food packs from The Welcome Centre.

  • Referrers can collect packs on behalf of clients from our Lord Street centre between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. Packs will be ready 1 hour after the referral has been made
  • Clients can collect their own packs from our Lord Street centre between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. Packs will be ready 1 hour after the referral has been made

In exceptional circumstances, some clients may be offered a delivery service.

When making a referral for a food pack please consider your clients’ needs and only request a delivery if your client meets one or more of the requirements below

  • Does your client or their child have either physical or mental health issues that prevents them collecting their packs?
  • Have you requested a large pack for your client with multiple items or for a large family?
  • We are not assuming that all clients with mental/physical health issues or requesting large packs are unable to collect their packs. They may be able or have transport available to collect their packs and should do where possible. Please check with your client whether they would prefer collection or delivery.
  • Alternatively if you as their referrer can collect on their behalf it should be arranged.
  • If your client does not meet one of these requirements but you feel they need a delivery then please call the AGS team on 01484 515086 ext 5 to discuss further

If you do not request a delivery it will be assumed that your client can collect.

Lone working or high risk clients

All packs for clients viewed as aggressive/high risk or pose a lone working risk will need to be collected by their referral agency.

We need your help So that those clients who are most in need receive our deliveries, it is vital that you support us with this process. We no longer have capacity to deliver 100% of our packs to clients and want to ensure that clients who meet the above requirements are prioritised based on their need.

Thank you

Sarah Mclellan

The Welcome Centre Virtual Assistant Support

07743 447966


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