Weekly Migrant Info Hub update 23 -29 October 2021

Translated Resources

  1. Translated: Videos and leaflets in Tigrinya on NHS health checks and vaccines

TS4SE have shared animated videos in Tigrinya and English covering NHS annual health checks, Covid-19 vaccines and flu vaccines. There are also accompanying Tigrinya leaflets on health checks and vaccines.

2. Translated: Vaccination leaflets and posters for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (updated)

The easy read leaflet is now available in Braille, English Large print and British Sign Language (video).

3. Translated: Official COVID-19 lateral flow nose-only test kit instructions

These lateral flow test instructions are now available in Dari and Pashto.

Information Resources

  1. Supporting the Roma community through Covid-19 report

Roma Support Group conducted a questionnaire between February and April 2021 to assess how the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the daily lives of their clients, and whether they were able to access support when needed.

Their report includes good practice recommendations on public health engagement and adapting existing support to changing community needs.

2. Official travel guidance – for people arriving in, and travelling from England

The government is continuously updating their guidance for people travelling to England.

People who qualify as fully vaccinated for travel to England can book a lateral flow test for use from 24 October instead of a PCR test.


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