PHE resources – Migrant Health Team

Animations aimed at healthcare professionals in England

The Public Health England National Migrant Health Team have produced two animations:

Clarifying NHS entitlements for migrants , which consists of six short sections:

  • Section 1- Introduction to Entitlements for Migrants
  • Section 2- Karman’s Story (case study provided by Doctors of the World)
  • Section 3- NHS Entitlements to Primary Care in England
  • Section 4- NHS Entitlements to Secondary Care in England
  • Section 5- Dental Treatment for Migrants in England
  • Section 6- Assessing New Patients from Overseas

Keeping up to date with vaccinations for migrants.

These animated resources address recommendations arising from a stakeholder engagement exercise to improve the Migrant Health Guide NHS entitlements page, done in 2019, which asked for more clarity about NHS entitlements and to adopt a more culturally sensitive approach. These outputs will also complement a suite of PHE and NHSE/I COVID-19 vaccination resources (for the general public) being made available to mitigate vaccination inequalities.

The animations aim to dispel fears of being charged for free NHS services, supports PHE’s role in reducing health inequalities by clarifying entitlements to healthcare and upholds the Public Sector Equality Duty.

Doctors of the World social prescribing resources to support migrants

New DOTW guidance on how social prescribing workers can support migrants.

COVID-19 translated advice and guidance is available on the PHE Migrant Health Guide here

PHE COVID-19 guidance collection page for the general public includes translated versions here

The updated guidance for accommodation providers of asylum seeker accommodation was published on Fri 23rd July here. The guidance is aimed at all staff involved in providing support to asylum seekers in all accommodation settings.


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