Weekly Migrant Info Hub update 31July-6 August 2021

New Translated Resources

  1. Translated: Migrant health guide resources (updated)

The IOM have developed some multilingual information on Covid-19 measures and support on the following topics:

Health and Covid-19

Work and Covid-19

Benefits, Support and Covid-19

Visa, Immigration and Covid-19

Housing, Homelessness and Covid-19

Each of these are available in English, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese

The British Society of Immunologyhave translated some of their educational resources on immunity, COVID-19 and vaccines into different languages, including a guide to vaccines for Covid-19, a page of public engagement resources and their Celebrate Vaccines infographics.

These are available in English (see above), Arabic, Spanish and Yiddish.

UK.Gov have updated their information leaflet: COVID-19 vaccination: a guide for women of         childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Available in: Easy Read, Large Print, BSL, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese,    Estonian, Farsi, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Panjabi, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Twi, Ukrainian and Urdu.

A Braille version of the leaflet is also available to order.

A set of 4 posters and social media cards encouraging vaccine uptake among pregnant women are available for download only – by logging into this NHS England website.

Public Health England have issued translations of their comprehensive stay at home guidance for anyone with symptoms of coronavirus. This also applies to anyone who is asymptomatic but is waiting for results of a PCR test.

If you have received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or have received a positive COVID-19 test result

If you take part in asymptomatic testing

If you live in the same household as someone with COVID-19

Household members who have received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine

This guidance is available in: Easy read, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Gujarati, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi and Urdu.

Information Resources

  1. National Tutoring Programme

The Department for Education have published a policy paper on the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), a scheme started in 2020 to provide support for pupils and students most affected by disruption to their education as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Further information about the programme can be found on the NTP website.

Information from Acas on how sickness and absence policies apply when an employee is off work with Long Covid.

The Department for Education has now updated its guidance to reflect recent changes in provision for free school meals to some groups of NRPF migrants previously excluded. These include families:

  • Refused asylum but in receipt of section 4 support
  • Granted leave to remain as ‘Zambrano carers’
  • Granted leave to remain under Article 8 ECHR
  • Supported under section 17 Children Act 1989 and who have ‘no recourse to public funds’. 

4.    Local guidance and support in Yorkshire and Humber

Links to local information around Covid-19 and the support available locally in Yorkshire and Humber.

Training and Research

  1. Free racial inequalities training from the Race Equality Network

The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Race Equalities Network has launched a free package of online racial inequalities training.

The aim of the training is to educate and raise awareness of the ongoing racial injustice and everyday discrimination faced by colleagues from ethnic minorities across our diverse communities.

The voices and experiences of the Race Equality Network members from ethnic minorities have shaped the purpose and content of the training.


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