Weekly Migrant Info Hub update 17 July-23 July 2021

New Translated Resources


1.    Translated: Official letter in Arabic explaining Covid-19 vaccine rollout to higher risk children

North Yorkshire County Council have kindly shared a translated letter in English and Arabic which explains the UK government’s decision to offer the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to children aged 12 and above who are at increased risk of serious coronavirus.

Information Resources

  1. Updated: Official Coronavirus advice for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents

From 19th July the concession for people outside the UK whose leave has expired before they are were able to return, ended.

Gov.UK has updated the following guidance for UK visa applicants and temporary UK residents:

Following the progression to Step 4 of the roadmap, this guidance is for everyone in England who has been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable from coronavirus (COVID-19).

This guidance has been updated to reflect Step 4 roadmap changes. Translations and easy read guidance have temporarily been removed while being updated.

Gov.UK have produced new guidance around safety in places of worship from 19th July onwards including a summary of changes from 19th July.

Gov.UK has updated their guidance for people entering England from other countries, using the traffic light system of red, amber and green.

The UK government has issued public health information to protect the public and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes public health advice and coronavirus-related duties for entering    and staying within England.

Gov.UK have created an overview of NHS Test and Trace, including what happens if you test positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) or have had close contact with someone who has tested positive.

The UK government have issued guidance on how to get the NHS COVID Pass and demonstrate your coronavirus (COVID-19) status when travelling abroad and domestically at events and venues in England.

The Home Office has confirmed that as of 19th July 2021 negative cessations will resume meaning that anyone who has had a negative decision on their asylum claim can now have their support discontinued.  All recipients on support whether on section 4 or section 95 support will receive 21 days notice of their support ending.

  1.  Research finds gaps in bereavement support for people from diverse communities

  A report has been published by Leeds and Sheffield universities on UK bereavement care for ethnic minority communities.

The paper, Bereavement care for ethnic minority communities: A systematic review of access to, models of, outcomes from, and satisfaction with, service provision, is published in PLOS ONE.

  1.  Safe Surgeries initiative combatting GP practice refusal to register undocumented migrants

  The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and Channel 4 have reported that almost 80% of GP practices are refusing to register undocumented patients with a migrant background.

  The #HandsUpForOurHealth coalition, which includes Doctors of the World is campaigning on this issue. As part of this they highlight the Safe Surgeries initiative – a network GP practices can join.

   For more information, contact safesurgeries@doctorsoftheworld.org.uk

  1.   Report: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Structural Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Migrant Communities-led responses to COVID-19 in West Yorkshire

Racial Justice Network, with the support of Queen Mary University of London and University of Huddersfield, have produced this report; “Between a Rock and a Hard Place,” following interviews with      community advocates living in Yorkshire and Humber during Covid 19.

   The report is available in various formats including short-form and video.


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