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New look Toolkit – guide to the asylum and immigration system

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New look Toolkit-our guide to the asylum and immigration system

Find the information you need for your situation using the contents bar on the left (within the link below).

There’s information about asylum cases, human rights cases, and immigration cases.

Your situation might fall into more than one of these categories.

The Right to Remain Toolkit-A guide to the UK immigration and asylum system

We learned a lot! We wrote quite a bit about in this blog post here.

Over 80% of Toolkit website users came via a google search. (You can see what else we learned from looking at our website stats here:

What we’ve learned about how the Right to Remain Toolkit is being used (part one).

We had a lot of thinking and processing to do from all of the learning described above. We started to make some draft changes to the Toolkit (see below), but before making anything public, we tested these ideas out with our primary users/target users: people currently navigating the asylum and immigration system.

We tested out different versions of titles for sections of the guide. We asked people if they preferred pages with or without “accordion boxes” (dropdown panels that expand to reveal more text when you click on them). We asked people about how they would navigate different topics to find the information they need. This is called “usability testing”, or “user testing”.

In a usability-testing session <Toolkit guide usability testing> , a researcher “asks a participant to perform tasks, usually using one or more specific user interfaces. While the participant completes each task, the researcher observes the participant’s behavior and listens for feedback.” We carried out these sessions using zoom, with some of the asylum support groups we work with sourcing participants. It was fortunate that this element of our project was very easy to conduct online, which wasn’t what we had planned pre-pandemic.

Appeals rights exhausted and Upper Tribunal possibility

What’s changed:

  • The different pages of the Toolkit website have been renamed so that they are clearer to people looking at google search results.
  • Some of the language has changed because we are no longer assuming that people see the guide as an overarching resource – each page and its information should stand alone.
  • Clearer language, clearer audience. We hope it’s speaking more directly to people who are navigating the process – and uses more of the words that people use themselves to describe this process – while still of course being of use to those supporting other people to go through the process.

For more detailed information about guide click below:

About this guide

  • We’ve separated out some pages that had previously been collected together because we thought that people would use the Toolkit website following a vaguely chronological pattern. We know now that that generally isn’t the case.
  • We’ve also made some pages more specific to asylum, or immigration. We now have separate pages for entering the UK, depending on whether you are looking for information about immigration, or asylum (a page called “Visas
  • Right to Remain Visas: apply for permission to enter or stay in the UK and a new page called “Entering the UK to claim asylum.

Entering the UK to claim Asylum

Find out about different aspects of the asylum and immigration process by watching our legal information videos below.

Legal information videos

The Google Toolbar means that people can get all of the Toolkit content auto-translated.

We wrote about this process for Refugee Action here:

Google toolbar to get Toolkit content  auto-translated

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