Emotional and Wellbeing Support for Migrants Training

Solace are regional leaders in providing therapeutic services for refugees.

This specialist training aims to equip professionals in supporting refugees and asylum seekers in improving their wellbeing and mental health.

Training Objectives:

Developing a greater understanding of how to help migrant groups in Kirklees- with emotional well-being. Comprising of:

1. Understanding the emotional health of migrant groups

2. Understand Solace’s therapeutic services and how to refer to us

3. To have strategies for communicating with migrant groups about emotional well-being

Please note: this is an invite only training session.

A zoom link, passcode and id number will sent after registration; nearer the event.

Date of the training:

Friday, 9 April 2021 10:30

Friday, 7 May 2021 10:30

For further details please contact: Abed Moubayed

email: abed.moubayed@kirklees.gov.uk

Tel: 01484 221000, ext: 76281

Eventbrite links to register on the training sessions:

Emotional and wellbeing support for Migrants-09.04.21

Emotional and wellbeing support for Migrants-07.05.21


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