Useful electronic resources for translated COVID19 information

1. A group of doctors, medical students and volunteers have created infographics to help summarise key points about COVID-19 in a variety of languages to get the right information, in an easy to understand format, to these communities.

Click here to visit the website

You need to choose first the language (the information is available in 40 languages). Then click on the section you need to read about: CO19 advice, school advice, non co19 patient advice and shop advice. In each section you will find info graphs about different related topic.

2. Doctors of the World, in partnership with the Mayor of London, has produced motion graphic videos with key COVID-19 information for migrants living in the UK.

These are available in 11 priority languages: Bengali, Bulgarian, English, Kurdish Sorani, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Click here to visit the website

3. Migration Yorkshire have an electronic resources named Migration Hub for the latest updates regarding COVID19 in different languages

Click here to visit the website

4. Maternity leaflets: Parent information for new borns – translated versions

Click here to visit the website

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